In 2018 we made two posts about a young boy who was taken from this earth way too soon. His name is Carlo Acutis. To illuminate this boy’s importance for new readers and to remind our loyal followers, Carlo Acutis may become a Catholic Saint.
Carlo first received the Eucharist at the age of 7 and continued to receive it each day of his life until his untimely passing. Born in 1991 and having left this earth all too soon in 2006 at the age of 15, Carlo spent his young life in Italy dedicated to Jesus by collating on his website each Church-verified apparition of our Blessed Mother that occurred on this planet for over two millennia.
Since our last article, Carlo Acutis has been deemed Venerable by the Catholic Church and his cause has been under scrutiny by the Vatican to determine if he will eventually be Canonized.
The vice-postulator, Father Marcelo Tenorio, of the canonization cause of Venerable Carlo Acutis announced Wednesday that the boy’s body has been found to be incorrupt. Father Tenorio shared the news on social media. He revealed that he indeed saw the pictures but that he could not share them.
I am particularly intrigued by this young man because of his dedication to tabulating Madonna miracles. The correlation to The Italian Enclaves Historical Society’s mission to show the public every Italian Parish in America and their corresponding Saints’ processions solidifies our love and appreciation for Carlo’s work even further. We support his cause for Sainthood and we ask that you do as well by praying for him and sharing this article.

By: Raymond Guarini