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Sabino and I met in Williamsburg at the famed Carmines Pizzeria and Restaurant on Graham Avenue for the Italian American Baseball Foundation’s Annual Gala in December.

I was vaguely familiar with the Growing Up Italian podcast and more familiar with the Instagram account. I found myself following Growing Up Italian earlier last year (2018) and being amused at many of their posts. I was fascinated by the fact that they were mostly first generation Italians representing the millennial Italian American population in North America; a rarely represented group.

The podcast was an amazing time and being with Sabino and the rest of the folks from Growing Up Italian felt like hanging out with old friends and family. (LINK BELOW).

What Sabino is doing is incredibly important. He is linking the millennial generations to the older generations of Italians primarily through light-hearted and witty posts on social media. Such posts innocently poke fun at the nuances of growing up in an Italian household. Phrases are shared amongst other jovial, cultural references and we strongly recommend browsing through the comments sections of their posts.

It is truly important to pass along our traditions and solidify a future for Italian Americans by preserving things such as Saint societies, processions, feasts, culinary traditions and so on. After meeting Sabino and the squad at Growing Up Italian, I can gladly say that the future for Italian Americans is looking bright.

The technologically intelligent Growing Up Italian platform is a perfect vehicle for not only delivering things that are funny but also acts as a perfect stage to occasionally change the tone towards the more serious and important aspects of Italian culture in North America. We look forward to having more opportunities to chat with Sabino, Rocco et al at Growing Up Italian.

We can’t wait to see what else they have in their bright future.

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