The Italian Enclaves Historical Society was created in 2019 and is a 501c nonprofit that endeavors to document Italian neighborhoods and Italian national parishes in the United States. The society is based virtually and is a consortium of individuals throughout the United States and abroad who share a passion for Italian American history and culture.

The inertia for the Italian Enclaves Historical Society came about when in 2012,  its founder, Raymond Guarini, set out to photograph America’s Italian neighborhoods and churches. Inspired by the rapidly diminishing Italian culture in his native home of Brooklyn, Mr. Guarini created social media pages titled “Italian Enclaves” to share the media content that he acquired. Throughout his journeys, Ray became acquainted with several individuals who share the same fascination and their relationships and reinforcement of one another’s dedication were what provided the foundation of this nonprofit society.

There is no membership to the Italian Enclaves Historical Society. The nonprofit’s chief goal is to eventually utilize this website as a depository for media content that is free to the public which photographically documents each Italian neighborhood that has ever existed in the United States as well as their corresponding Italian national parishes. Intermittently throughout each calendar year, the society will carry forth fund raisers in an effort to realize this goal and fund any pilgrimages necessary to acquire photos from undocumented Italian neighborhoods thus far.


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