A Photo Essay Of Diminishing Italian Neighborhoods Across America (Part 1)

I have been frantically racing against time for the last 6 years. After the neighborhood in which I live in Brooklyn started seeing a major uptick in the pace of shifting demographics, I set out to determine if a similar dissipation was happening to Italian neighborhoods in other parts of the United States. After traveling across the continent, it became scarily apparent that every Italian neighborhood was undergoing significant change.

The pile of names of Italian businesses that were closing started to quickly mount. I tried to visit as many of them as I could before their closing. In almost every place that I visited there was at least one business that was recently closed. Many of the businesses and churches that I have documented which were opened at the time of my visits over the last six years have closed or been demolished since I was there. The rate at which this is happening is alarming.

The necessity to maintain these businesses and institutions is critical. I have henceforth created a movement that I pray gains momentum which is underpinned by the following hashtag to bring attention to the importance of supporting Italian owned businesses: #SupportItalianAmericanBusinesses.

The following photos are just some of the many that I have accumulated that evidence a massive shift whereby Italian America is losing its identifiable boundaries. I hope you enjoy….





2 thoughts on “A Photo Essay Of Diminishing Italian Neighborhoods Across America (Part 1)

  1. Hello,
    I am the president of LICNA (Little Italy Chicago Neighborhood Association ). We are a group in Little Italy Chicago Taylor St area, whos main goal is reviving Little Italy here and to pay respect to the past and present Italians who helped make our neighborhood what it is. I am a third generational resident and my kids are now fourth! Your small article is spot on!! I welcome ALL and ANY help/ideas in my adventure. It would be incredible if we formed an organization to help one another across the country!
    Hope to hear back soon.
    Thank you
    Joseph Esposito


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