Last weekend, the president and founder of the Italian American Baseball Foundation (IABF), Joe Quagliano, was in Miami visiting the Florida Marlins’ Christian Capozzi, as well as famous former Yankee and current Marlins Manager Don Mattingly. The reason for the visit: The Italian American Baseball Foundation members were honored guests as the Marlins celebrated Italian Heritage Day at the stadium.


As the IABF continues to grow and spread its wings, more and more franchises are embracing the concept of supporting an organization that seeks to cross-pollinate talent with Italy whether its player talent or managerial. The IABF also donates equipment to youth teams and provides scholarships to hardworking kids.

The IABF is a nonprofit organization that is committed to developing and promoting youth baseball and softball in the United States and Italy by sponsoring clinics and camps supervised by MLB players.

The IABF was formed as a nonprofit in 2018 and has since raised capital, membership numbers and tons of awareness to the organization’s presence in the United States and abroad. The formation was carried forth by Michael Desapio, Esq. who is also a board member. Desapio specializes in corporate and nonprofit formations as well as matters surrounding US citizens obtaining Italian citizenship (

The IABF has been quite active as of late with some of its members being in attendance at major events throughout the country:

Visit the IABF for organization info: