By: Raymond Guarini


The Italian Enclaves Historical Society aims to showcase vintage photographs as well as current photographs of Italian neighborhoods, churches and institutions such as businesses that have endured the test of time. One such business that underscores our goal more than any other is E. Rossi & Co., which dates back to over 100 years in Manhattan’s Little Italy.

E. Rossi & Co. is a time capsule. Ernie Rossi, the stores third generation proprietor, needs your help to keep E. Rossi & Co. alive. His collection of Italian and Italian American artifacts, gifts and keepsakes make him the oldest Italian gift shop in the country. Having been hit hard by the recent pandemic, E. Rossi & Co. needs your help to survive. Please support Ernie by visiting his GoFundMe Campaign page and make a donation so this piece of Italian American history can survive.

Youtube video of Ernie Rossi explaining his fundraiser:

A look at E. Rossi & Co. as Ernie is tending to customers while a local accordion player serenades tourists.

Raymond Guarini, Founder of the Italian Enclaves Historical Society (left) and Ernie Rossi (right) outside of E. Rossi & Co. before Christmas of 2019.

E. Rossi is featured in New York City’s Italian Neighborhoods by Arcadia Publishing. You can purchase a copy at a discounted rate here:

All proceeds from New York City’s Italian Neighborhoods go towards the Italian Enclaves Historical Society and The Saint Rocco Society of Potenza, both 501c3 nonprofit organizations.